Want to start sewing, not sure where to start?

In this course, you'll embark on a journey of learning sewing essentials from the ground up. Led by a professional seamstress, you'll dive into understanding tools, fabrics, patterns, and measurements, setting a solid foundation for your sewing journey. Get familiar with your sewing machine and master the art of sewing your first seams with confidence. This self-paced course equips you with all the knowledge needed to start sewing your own clothes in just two weeks.

In this course:

    1. Introduction to Beginner Sewing Course

    1. DAY 2 Intro

    2. What is a pattern

    3. Types of sewing patterns

    4. Pattern size table

    5. Pattern instructions

    6. Elements of the pattern detail

    7. Golden rules of taking measurements

    8. Core measurements (bust, waist, hips)

    9. Selecting pattern size from measurements

    10. Ease

    11. Additional measurements and how they are reflected on patterns

    12. Tips on selecting patterns

    13. DAY 2 Homework

    1. Intro to DAY 3: sewing machine

    2. Different types of sewing machines

    3. How sewing machine forms a stitch

    4. Controllers

    5. How machine moves fabric

    6. Threading the bobbin

    7. Threading top thread

    8. Tension

    9. Essential stitches - straight stitch

    10. Essential stitches - zigzag stitch

    11. Essential stitches - buttohole stitch

    12. Presser feet

    13. Sewing machine needles

    14. Sewing a seam

    15. Additional features

    16. Maintenance

    17. Homework

    1. Intro to DAY 4: sewing straight seam, pressing and seam finishes

    2. Sewing straight stitch seam

    3. Securing seam beginning and end

    4. Pressing seams

    5. Zigzag seam finish

    6. Straight stitch seam finish

    7. French seam finish

    8. Overcast stitch seam finish

    9. Serger (overlocker) seam finish

    10. DAY 4 Homework

    1. Intro to DAY 5: sewing techniques

    2. Topstitch seam

    3. Understitch seam

    4. Pivoting seam

    5. Inner corner

    6. Outer corner

    7. Gathers

    8. Matching seams

    9. DAY 5 Homework

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 102 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content
  • Instructor support
  • 1 year access

Start your sewing journey today

Why should I choose this course?

Learning how to sew is an important step and I want to help you confidently start this journey. Here are 4 reasons why this course may be right choice for you:

  • COMPLETE LEARNING: dive deep into sewing essentials, mastering both practical skills and theoretical understanding.

  • UNDERSTANDING THE "WHY": learn the reasons behind each step, empowering your sewing knowledge.

  • CONFIDENT SELF-PACED LEARNING: learn material at your own pace, gaining confidence in every stitch.

  • PERSONALIZED SUPPORT: I'm here for any sewing questions or guidance you may need!

Meet Your Instructor

Julija Gobere

With over 17 years of sewing experience and professional training, I am thrilled to share my love for sewing with you. Classic, timeless sewing techniques are my passion, and I can't wait to teach you the skills you need to create beautiful garments. From fabric selection to pressing and finishing touches, I'll guide you through every step of the process. Get ready to unlock your creativity and start making your own clothes!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What tools I need to start?

    To starting sewing, you'll need just a few essential tools: sewing machine, iron, scissors, hand sewing needle, pins, chalk and measuring tape. Start simple and grow/upgrade your tool collection as your skills grow!

  • How much time I need to spend on this course?

    The course contains 6 lessons, each ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Every lesson has homework that will help you gain more practice and knowledge. I recommend completing all 6 lessons in a span of 2 weeks (watch 1 lesson, do homework the next day - repeat until all 6 lessons are completed). After all lessons are finished, you have a bonus DOLLY blouse sewing course, so that you can start making your first garment right away. The course is self-paced, so you can revisit the material if needed, to learn all sewing essentials effectively!

  • Do I need experience before joining this course?

    No sewing experience needed! This course is designed for new beginners! We will cover all sewing essentials in this course: from tools and fabrics, to threading sewing machine and making our first seams!

  • How does the course work?

    After enrolling in the course, you'll get access to all modules in the course and can start watching the pre-recorded videos at your own pace. I recommend completing lessons in an order they are arranged (Day 1, Day 2, etc.). After completing all 6 days, you can start working on your first garment, using a bonus course for DOLLY blouse! From the day of enrollment, you will have access to the material for 12 months, so learn at your own pace!

  • What if I have questions?

    You'll be able to ask questions in the course comments or email - I'm here to help you start your sewing journey!

Start your sewing journey today